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Professional Vision

Awulu Ƹ, 20

Yoooo whats up everyone? its me again, been a little while. lots has happened, i moved back to WA in november. it's been great to be back home and see everyone and fall back into my routine. just got back from a 2 week visit to AZ last week, went to visit my boyfriend (who stayed) and our roommate (or, i guess just his now.)

BUT! while i was there the Apple Vision Pro launched. I've always been big into the whole XR space, and i really wasnt planning on buying it, but me and my boyfriend went in for a demo and it blew me away so we walked out of the apple store on launch day with one. I'm actually writing this post on it right now in my favorite cafe! here's what it looks like:

screenshots really dont do the thing justice, so you'll just have to take my word that it's remarkably clear while in the headset. it's genuinely the most amazing computing experience i've ever had in my entire life, and it makes me extremely excited for the future of XR tech.

I'm actually writing this post while waiting for Xcode to install on my Macbook, really looking forward to jumping into developing for this thing. i'm thinking imma try to put together a little neocities wrapper for my first project, inshallah it'll be cool.

of course i also have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for dropping nearly 4000 dollars on this thing. he's the best <3 love u christian

anyway, in other news: i've been making good progress in my Arabic studies. i can feel my comprehension improving quickly every day. it really is true what they say about comprehensible input, absolutely GOATed strat for learning languages.

and yeah, a lot more stuff has been going on too but i wont bore you guys with it, this post is already long enough i feel. keep your eyes out for my AVP projects coming soon to my ETC page!



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Good Times

Satorzaga 11, 1Ƹ

what the fuck is up denny's?!? its me again. ive been up to a loot in the last couple months. lots and lots of little projects i wont get into here. music, 3d art, ad astra stuff, games. i've been workin quite a bit on Taxnul, especially on the worldbuilding. you might have noticed the use of taxnul dates, i spent like a week and a half devising that whole system and building a taxnul clock and calendar for my living room. its pretty sick but adjusting to it has caused me to be a bit slow with time XD its getting better now though i think i've pretty much adjusted. its like going from 12-hour format to 24-hour, i made that switch forever ago and i remember and it took a little while to get used to.

anyways yeah august september and october have been fun! my mom and stepdad came down to AZ for a few days in september to visit, so that was rly great to see them and show them around the town. i just can't wait to go back up for my bday in april to see every1 again!

we've been saving hella dough too, its pretty swagful. this whole arizonan excursion is finally going according to plan after a bit of a rocky start. we're tentatively thinking that by this time next year we should be good to start looking for places back home! i cant wait >o< AZ is fun and all but i just miss home. i miss my dog, miss my siblings, my folks, my grandfolks, friends, the trees, the weather, the cafés, thrift stores, parks, just every little thing about the place i grew up in.

lol i also started making t-shirts, ive ordered like 10 of my own designs for myself and theyre basically all i wear now. heres a pic of my bf wearing my favorite one. i fuckin love gnomes man lmfao. OH that reminds me, that "sweetass cadillac" i talked about last time, i got a vanity plate for it -- "GNOMED" 😂 its so fucking baller. i have gnome bumper stickers all over it too, anytime my bf drives it hes like "i feel like a jackass in this gnomemobile" and im like GOOD.

OH and i fuckin got the meta quest 3. that shit blows my mind kinda how much better it is than the 2. i'd say if you have the money it's worth the upgrade, waaayyy more immersive. the first couple days i legit spent like 12 hours a day in that thing i was blown away. i've been taking it to work on days where i have a couple hours of break between movies to watch my youtube on, and at home ive been using it to connect to my macbook and have a little office space in VR with huge screens and shit. its so cool.

been doing a lot of stuff in blender lately too. i've started doing this thing i really love where i make a scene in 3D and then draw characters over top of the render. here's a pic i made like that of my OC Helena chillen in her bedroom:

i love it, its such a cool style to me.

anywayz, yeah i think thats about everything i have to talk about. been a great couple months! hope it has for you guys too

with love,


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Life, Work, Art

Thursday, August 10, 2023 A.D.

wassup. its me again. lots has happened since the last post. without getting into it, me and my boyfriend are staying with a friend i made from work, we got a sweetass cadillac, and we've got a good chunk of cash saved up. our plans as of right now are to get a second car for him, then hopefully find a place of our own. i'm anticipating some slight issues with that but i wont get into it here.

been working on my card game ad astra recently, pumped to put together some test decks. the beta art is looking nice, heres one i made the other day that i like, his names "frogbane spitter":

i also started making YTPs again in the last few months. i havent put anything out since last month though, as im working on a couple of big collab entries. i'd say my skill in that arena has vastly improved though, im pretty proud of the recent stuff on my youtube.

in addition to ad astra and ytp ive been putting together some music too. i put out 2 tracks a couple weeks ago and they did waaayyy better than i was expecting which is really cool. i mean, only 400 or so plays on each but still when most of my songs only get 30 that was a huge boon. ive also got about 6 more songs in varying stages of completedness. i think im gonna save them until ive got 10 total and put an album out on streaming and everything. but for now here's an unreleased beat:

anyway yeah thats my life. catch u l8r. peace.

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Renasci Tlascanae

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 A.D.

well im back, idrk how long its been. about a month ago my old domain's auto-renew failed and so last night i decided to start fresh with this schnazzy new domain. i also bought another one for a secret project. more on that another time.

ive been in arizona for like 3 months now, missing home a lot but it's also kinda cool here. im in this tiny little town near phoenix. its also nice that im like a 3-minute walk from downtown. i got a job at this little movie theater nearby which has been sorta fun, ive been seeing hella movies. but other than that it's been kind of annoying living in an RV.

the weathers been pretty okay so far, but it looks like next week it'll get into the 90's. im really not looking forward to the summer, people have been telling me it gets up there, sounds miserable.

i miss my fuckin dog too ;~; we left him with my mother back in WA and it still feels so weird not to have him around :(

anyway yeah im back. with a new name and slightly updated style. idk i think its been like almost a year since i took down my site? i guess i just got tired of updating it and lost interest for a while. idk, if u have any suggestions on what i should do here feel free to leave them on my neocities profile (assuming anyone even reads these)