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MUSEUM - my art collection. kind of broken cause of the way i wrote it; some pics dont show up and some show up multiple times. eventually i'll fix it but im too lazy rn.


HEART - little webapp i'm developing. the main idea is that users can get "heart points" and send them to other users. when you send hearts to a user, you can add a note and image that shows on both of your profiles, functionally serving as a way of "posting." there's also streaks, you can remove hearts from others, and i have a few other features planned for the future. mind you that this is just a prototype, and it's designed for mobile.

TAXNUL CLOCK - made this clock webapp thing so that i could run it on my old iPhone to have a Taxnul clock in my livingroom. it also shows a little progress bar that fills up as the day goes on. you can open it on your phones browser, hit share, and add to homescreen to open it that way so as to get rid of the URL bar and thus have it display correctly on mobile, and if you have an old smartphone you can just plug that sumbitch in, set ur auto-lock off, turn it to landscape mode, and boom now u always know the Taxnul time.

TAXNUL CALENDAR - calendar i designed for my conlang, has a cool date converter and u can click the days to convert to gregorian

LASTFM NOW PLAYING - a little thing i made for my homepage to display my most recent scrobble, add "?user=[your_username]" to the url for it to work, then throw it in an iframe. you can also do "&bcolor=[HEXCODE]" and "&color=[HEXCODE]" to change the background and text colors, respectively. note that the hexcodes should omit the '#'